My order isn't going to arrive on time, what are my options?

As per our Terms and Conditions, we do not offer refunds on preorder items regardless of them going over schedule. However, we can offer exchanges and store credit to the value of the order if the delays are no longer convenient. Store credits have a 3 year expiry.

I have an order with some items in stock and some on preorder can I split my shipment and receive my in-stock items now and my preorder items when they arrive?

You can definitely split your shipment however a second shipping fee will be applicable. If you send us an email to info@poppyslittletreasures.com we would be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Keep in mind..

Some of the items running late are now completely sold out, so if you do choose to cancel your order the likely hood of repurchasing anytime soon is unlikely especially if you used a heavy discount code to purchase.

We sincerely apologise if any of these delays have impacted you and thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Poppy’s LT Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can further assist your order enquiry in any way.


PLT’s Team